Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cold War Political Cartoons

This picture means to show is that in the cold war we're always at the verge of cold. This person was probably was agaist the cold war. I choose this picture becuase I think that's what it must have been like during the cold war.

This shows a jet fighter carrying nuke and a dove flying above it then putting a waste on the fighter. This means to "Stop with the cold war because we want peace". The author is agaist the cold war. I choose this picture because is sympolize peace and it's kind of meaning full.

This picture shows that the spys in the cold war spys on each others. It's also shows how much spys was used in the Cold War. I think that the author was really taking side, but that his saying that cold war is stupid. I choose this picture because it's really funny and it's true.


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